October is an upcoming 2018 Indian hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Shoojit sircar and written by Juhi Chaturvedi. The film stars  Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu and Gitanjali Rao in lead roles.

Dan (Varun Dhawan) is living the life of any carefree 21 year old, revolving around a bunch of friends and fellow hotel interns who feed off each other’s everyday moments, their ups and downs. Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) is one such intern at the same hotel, who at times is at a receiving end of Dan’s audaciousness. Life goes on until a sudden turn of events smashes Dan and Shiuli’s lives together, into a bond that’s unlike any 21 year olds. The emotional connection between them goes through a metamorphoses that brings out a form of love that’s unlike any other eventually leading to an internal awakening. October is not a Love Story, but rather a story about love.

The film has gone beyond the guilty lobbies to showcase the hotel industry through Varun , Banita, and a handful of other actors working in the house- keeping section. The staff members lurch like zombies after a 10- 12 hours shift, tumble into their bed, shake up and return to work. They have no life, they live to make guests comfortable during stay.

The actors have went great lengths to ensure authenticity in their performances. For this Varun was asked to try not to sleep for an entire week or at least limit the shute to an hour or two so he would look convincing in the scenes. And the deligent actor was happy to oblige.

That’s what they mean by living the character! From vaccuming to washing toilets, Dan did it all! Meet him in cinemas on 13th April.

Added by : Smriti Karmakar

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